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Rod's Japanese Auto Care

Serving Bellingham, WA Since 2002

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Rod's Japanese Auto Care

Serving Bellingham and beyond since 2002, Rod's Japanese Auto Care provides you with honest, transparent, and reliable repairs with exceptional customer service.

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Rod's Japanese Auto Care

Bellingham's Top Choice for Auto Repair

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Rod's Japanese Auto Care

Serving Bellingham, WA since 2002

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best automotive service and repair experience possible by serving our customers with unparalleled honesty, integrity and quality.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Sterling Donalson

The attitude at Rod's is, yes we got caught charging a ridiculous price which the job and parts don't warrant, yes we tell whatever lies we can think of, but you were suckers and trusted us to be honest now you have to pay whatever amount we decide or we will keep your vehicle. This is how we were treated: We came to you because are a local business, my husband expected to be treated honestly. He said his front brakes were pulsing, he needed new brake pads and if any rotors were causing this get them turned to repair them You gave him a high price, he said it is very expensive not what he was thinking a brake job would be. You said the rotors could not be turned, they were too warped and had to be replaced. Because he had questioned the price and you had an answer, he trusted you were charging a standard brake job price, that the repairs you recommended were necessary to repair the problem. We are older and often today's prices seem high. We expect to be treated honestly because he trusted you, when you called, my husband gave you the go ahead to repair our vehicle. **At that time you did not tell him, 1. your rotors could be turned, 2. your rear rotors may not need to be replaced 3. we do not turn rotors we only replace them, but we could have them turned at a shop 1/2 a mile away and keep your cost down 4. we use aftermarket parts, when you ask about the high price of the parts I"ll tell you we use OEM parts 5. We charge double the retail price of OEM Nissan parts 6. then put on cheap aftermarket parts, 7. we mark up the aftermarket parts 435% above their retail price ( I found the average cost of aftermarket parts were $190. Rod's parts price was $1095.89 - I am assuming the $190. parts price is correct for retail aftermarket parts used on our job because although we asked repeatedly Rod's refused to supply manufacturer of the parts used, parts numbers of the parts used or any other document to validate the price we were charged. I called your shop to ask why the parts prices were so high. Your service wri

Pam hansen


Awesome company

Casey Jones

The best!

I would tell them that I am PICKY about who works on my Z. It is an '82, I am the only owner, have every receipt for everything that has ever been done on my car, and it has had exactly seven mechanics in all that time. I do not trust my car to just anyone. I am picky. The mechanics who work on my car must earn my trust. I need to feel that they have my safety in mind and look for potential issues as well as keeping my Z in the best running condition. Rod's has proven to me that they are all about keeping me safe and my Z in great shape. Did I mention that I am picky ? Rod's will be my eighth mechanic shop for a long time to come. Because, I am picky.

S. Cortez

Highly recommend

I would highly recommend them to take their vehicle there.

Dave Morris sr

Highly recommend

Highly recommend to everyone I know

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